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Fans & Boosters

Have you ever bought season tickets or donated to RCAF?

If yes, then you are a booster! Once a booster, always a booster. This means that even if you bought season tickets 40 years ago, you are still a considered a booster and there is a special set of NCAA rules and bylaws that apply to you.

More specifically, a booster is anyone who:

  • Is or ever has been a member of a booster organization that supports UL Lafayette athletics
  • Made any financial contributions to UL Lafayette
  • Is or was a season ticket holder
  • Has provided or arranged employment for student-athletes
  • Has made any annual or lifetime membership commitment to a booster organization
  • Has been involved in the recruitment of a prospect
  • Has provided benefits to an enrolled student-athletes or his/her friends or relatives
  • Has been involved in promoting UL Lafayette athletics programs.