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The decision to allow a student to walk-on or “tryout” for an athletic team is left up to the discretion of each head coach.  If the head coach determines that he/she would like a student to walk-on their team, the coach is required to complete an “Eligibility Request Form” and submit it to the Compliance Office.  Walk-ons are not allowed to practice or compete until they have received clearance from the Associate Athletic Director for Compliance and Academics/SWA and the Director of Athletic Training. Walk-ons must complete the “New Student-Athlete/Walk-On Certification Form” before they are allowed to practice or compete.

In sports other than basketball, UL Lafayette shall not conduct (or have conducted on its behalf) any physical activities (e.g. practice sessions or test/tryout) at which one or more prospects reveals, demonstrates or displays his/her athletics abilities unless the institution’s varsity team competes against a two-year college team. A prospect visiting UL Lafayette may participate in physical workouts or other recreational activities during a visit to UL Lafayette provided such activities are not organized/observed by the UL Lafayette coaching staff and are not designed to test the abilities of the prospect.

In basketball, UL Lafayette may conduct an evaluation of a prospective student-athlete on its campus or at a site at which it normally conducts practice or competition, under the following conditions:

  • For a high school or preparatory school senior, the evaluation may be conducted only after the conclusion of the prospective student-athlete's season and after he has exhausted high school or preparatory school eligibility in basketball;
  • For a two-year college prospective student-athlete, the evaluation may be conducted only after the conclusion of the prospective student-athlete's season and he has exhausted his two-year college eligibility in basketball;
  • For a four-year college prospective student-athlete, the evaluation may be conducted only after the conclusion of the prospective student-athlete's season. (See Bylaw;
  • The on-campus evaluation may be conducted only during the prospective student-athlete's official or unofficial visit;
  • The on-campus evaluation shall be conducted not later than the opening day of classes of the institution's fall term;
  • Not more than one on-campus evaluation per prospective student-athlete per institution shall be permitted (applied separately to the time period in which a prospective student-athlete completes high school or preparatory school eligibility and to the time period after the prospective student-athlete enrolls full time in a collegiate institution);
  • Before participating in an on-campus evaluation, a prospective student-athlete is required to undergo a medical examination or evaluation administered or supervised by a physician (e.g., family physician, team physician). The examination or evaluation shall include a sickle cell solubility test unless documented results of a prior test are provided to the institution or the prospective student-athlete declines the test and signs a written release. The examination or evaluation must be administered either within six months before participation in the on-campus evaluation or within six months before the prospective student-athlete's initial participation in practice, competition or out-of-season conditioning activities during his immediately completed season. In addition, the medical examination or evaluation may be conducted by an institution's regular team physician or other designated physician as a part of the on-campus evaluation;
  • Before participating in the on-campus evaluation, the coaches must receive prior approval from the athletic training and compliance staff by completing the On-Campus Evaluation Approval Form;
  • UL Lafayette’s basketball student-athletes may participate in an on-campus evaluation, provided such participation is counted toward the applicable hourly and weekly limitations on countable athletically related activities (e.g., four hours per day and 20 hours per week during the playing season, two hours of skill instruction and eight hours per week outside the playing season). [See Bylaws and];
  • The duration of the on-campus evaluation activities (other than the medical examination or evaluation) shall be limited to two hours; and
  • UL Lafayette may provide equipment and clothing to a prospective student-athlete on an issuance-and-retrieval basis.